Welcome 2012!

I foresee this will be a very busy, energetic, fun filled year! I am hopefully going for my Architectural registration, I have a great project going into construction documentation at work which is aiming for completion for the end of the year, the infamous ‘Coochi House’ will be going on site and we are aiming to have Christmas 2012 out on it’s back deck! I’ve moved into my very own unit and will be pottering about furnishing it and extending some joinery in the kitchen. Seems like a big year of design and construction which I am looking forward to!

Additionally my new year goals are to sew more, create more, blog more and  take more holidays (if I can squeeze them in!).

In the spirit of creating more, I’d like to share some of my inspirational images. I tend to hoard and save any image that I come across that inspires me in the realms of fashion, craft, design and architecture – Enjoy!

Another new years resolution: File my images better! The images are from the following of my favourite websites that I frequent often:

http://www.yellowtrace.com; www.asos.com; http://www.dezeen.com; http://honestlywtf.com; http://www.contemporist.com; http://www.thecoolhunter.com.au;

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Amazing Houses, Amazing Views

Amazing houses with amazing views to match…

Hopefully the parent’s place on coochie will get some great views!

Koroa Bay House by Daniel Marshall Architects via Australian Design Review

Kelowna House by David Tyrell via The Contemporist

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Down by the Pier

As promised – more photographs which were taken the other morning down at the Shorncliffe Pier. These were taken by my partner with a focus on ‘silhouette’ as the theme.

As much as I enjoy each shot, I think the third photograph is my favourite. I love how the angle of the pier draws you eye along to the shelter at the end and the beautiful reflective water.






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Shorncliffe in the Morning

I can’t take credit for this lovely photograph – it was taken by the Mr yesterday morning for his photo club. I was quite impressed that he set out at 4am to capture the sun rise and take some shots out at the pier at Shorncliffe. I’ll post some more shortly. I just love the colour of the sun rise and reflections on the water.

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NYC – a new perspective

I’m a huge fan of New York City. I did a week trip a couple of years ago and would love to go back! Even better I’d love to live there – perhaps one day when I’m rich and famous.

I found these images via my modern met and think they’re awesome.

It’s a completely different perspective which really highlights some amazing geometries and patterns that you would otherwise miss. Perhaps something that can only be captured in a high density area such as NYC – don’t quite think you’d get the same rich overlaying of patterns in Brisbane.

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Archi Inspiration

Hello, It’s been a while.

I have been given strict instructions from my brother in Sweden to keep the posts coming. So I’d like to share some architectural inspiration.

Wasserfull Munting Architects – Offic Buhrmann & Partners via designboom

Love this front entry and signage: the use of concrete and patina steel is fantastic.

I love this model. Unfortunately often due to time constraints and programming in projects the art of model making can be pushed to the side. This image really inspires me to pull out my model making tools and make a model for my parents house!

Must Dash! Until next time

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State Championships

Well the dress came together nicely. Although not complete, I think it looks great. I’m really happy with the design and fit. Thanks to the efforts of my amazing mother! As of yesterday it now has more bling on the white part – I glued a million tiny crystals all over it so now it’s super sparkly! Now only a waist band is left to complete.

A couple of professional pictures from the State Championships (don’t laugh too hard at my bizarre facial expressions!)…

I hope to have some more photos when the dress is under wraps. Now that project is complete – Coochi House needs to go full steam ahead!

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