Orange cake and lunch time bracelets


Tonight I attempted to make orange and almond meal cake.

I used the recipe from

I boiled oranges for two hours last night and made the cake tonight. It was some what successful. My cake was a giant version of the recipe in comparison to their photographs, even though I followed the recipe. It tasted awesome. Even though it didn’t cook it all the way through.

Next time, I will halve the recipe. Or just use a bigger tin.

This recipe definitely needs cream cheese icing:

60 grams of light philadelphia cheese, 40grams of butter, 1.5 cups of icing sugar.

Today in my lunch break, I escaped the freezing chamber that is my over air conditioned office and walked to the hardware store. I purchased 1m of nylon cord and a packet of half hex nuts. I was inspired by the post from honesty…wtf who was inspired by Giles & Brother. I really like this chunky version of this bracelet. I have left over nuts and hope to make a more refined version with a smaller white, cotton cord on the weekend.

I’m pretty happy with today’s outcomes. Although cake making was in lieu of dance class tonight. A bit sad that I sat on the couch eating cake instead of exercising. I blame the heat.

Until next time – J

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