Crumbled biscuits

I am currently having a battle with myself.

Healthy eating vs my love for baking.

Hence, I attempted to retrofit an egg-free biscuit recipe with healthy ingredients. For starters I used the new CSR “smart” sugar and decreased the butter content. Then I think a combination of skimping on the biscuit base, the overwhelming amount of pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds and oats and the use of organic chocolate (which was very bitter) resulted in a dry biscuit crumble. Additionally I may have overcooked the whole lot. Not very successful.

Please excuse my sad iphone photos. I felt it was necessary to share the triumphs and the failures in my attempt to make new things. I will keep you posted in my attempt to create “healthy” baking creations. If you have any recommendations – please share 🙂

Until next time – J x

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