Muesli My Way

I love muesli bars but often worry about the amount of sugar in the package bought ones – so I decided to make my own! In a big mixing bowl I put in a combination of my favourite nuts: cashews, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, some chopped dried fruit (always apricots! but you can put in any), a cup or two of oats and coconut.

Then I melt a small portion of butter (perhaps a tbs) and mix with honey (or a mixture of honey and golden syrup and add to the dry ingredients.

Then press into a lined baking tray and push and push and push! I put another layer of baking paper over the top and use that to push the ingredients into the tin. Then pop in the oven until brown. Then allow to cool for 5 mins and then pop into the fridge to harden. Admittedly my muesli bars tend to crumble a little but I prefer crumbly muesli bars then adding more butter which I think defeats the purpose.

I seem to be doing a lot of cooking posts lately – next time I will try and share with you something else I’m working on!

Until next time – J xo

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