Courtyard Houses

I am always on the eye out for ‘courtyard’ houses. I love the idea of courtyards in residential projects. I think it encourages the idea of integrating the external and internal spaces into one space or the flow-through of a space. We’re designing a courtyard house for my parents at the moment and am drawn to these projects for inspiration.

This is Donovan Hill’s Z house, which popped up in my inbox earlier from australian design | review newsletter (which I reccommend) located here

I love the use of brick, timber and stone and vegetation in the courtyard to give the spaces atmosphere and texture. We’re going to use exposed block at my folk’s place – perhaps brick might be a nice choice too? Especially inconjunction with some great timber elements. Extreme “like”

This next project is the Elm & Willow House by Architects EAT again found on the australian design review website here. Another great courtyard house. It has a very Farnsworth House aesthetic, don’t you think?

I’m always drawn to the ‘Farnsworth House’esk of some projects. The floating structure, the use of concrete, steel and glazing is just great. And I love the use of natural light in the bathroom, so natural and earthy.

I hope this inspired you as much as it inspired me!

Ciao, J.

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