Welcome 2012!

I foresee this will be a very busy, energetic, fun filled year! I am hopefully going for my Architectural registration, I have a great project going into construction documentation at work which is aiming for completion for the end of the year, the infamous ‘Coochi House’ will be going on site and we are aiming to have Christmas 2012 out on it’s back deck! I’ve moved into my very own unit and will be pottering about furnishing it and extending some joinery in the kitchen. Seems like a big year of design and construction which I am looking forward to!

Additionally my new year goals are to sew more, create more, blog more and  take more holidays (if I can squeeze them in!).

In the spirit of creating more, I’d like to share some of my inspirational images. I tend to hoard and save any image that I come across that inspires me in the realms of fashion, craft, design and architecture – Enjoy!

Another new years resolution: File my images better! The images are from the following of my favourite websites that I frequent often:

http://www.yellowtrace.com; www.asos.com; http://www.dezeen.com; http://honestlywtf.com; http://www.contemporist.com; http://www.thecoolhunter.com.au;

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